Have you sat in an appointment with a male partner and felt like you have been totally ignored? 

Do people tend to defer to your male partner when answering questions, even though you asked it? 

Do you feel that sometimes people make assumptions about what you know or don't know and 'dumb' things down based on that?

I don't do any of that.  

A goal of mine in 2019 is to improve the financial literacy and make financial planning services more readily accessible to women.  A key to this is understanding that women may have different financial planning goals and needs from men and being able to listen and communicate without jargon and in a way that gives women the confidence to seek advice and to make those important decisions.  We know that many women still lag a fair way behind their male counterparts in terms of workplace equality in wages and senior roles.  It is also true that women have significantly less superannuation brought about by a number of different factors such as lower wages and career breaks for family etc. 

Below are some links to women focused financial planning matters, including ASIC Money smart for women, Mindfulness and Financial Planning for women and 10 top money tips.  Just copy and paste these into your browser.




And here are some some recent articles that have been published around financial literacy and the challenges that women still face in the workforce.

Financy Womens Index - September 2019.pdf Financy Womens Index - September 2019.pdf
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Financy Womens Index December - March 2019.pdf Financy Womens Index December - March 2019.pdf
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The Financial Power of Women.pdf The Financial Power of Women.pdf
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Finance Womens Index.pdf Finance Womens Index.pdf
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