At CFFP we specialise in personal insurances that provide lifestyle and asset protection.

We work with you to identify the appropriate level of cover you need and then look at ways to make sure you get the cover you need.  There are a number of options that we will discuss to help make insurance affordable for you without having a major impact on your day to day cash flow.

What happens if you become seriously ill, or worse still die unexpectedly.

I have, and here’s a list I have come up with:

  • I will be sick.

  • My life will change.

  • I may suffer depression or other mental illness.

  • I may be in chronic pain.

  • I may suffer emotional and physical stress.

  • My medical treatment may be horrible and very expensive.

  • My lifestyle will change.

  • There will be added stress on those who love me.

  • I may be on heavy medication.

  • I may not be able to work for a while or even longer.

  • I may lose my income and my business.

  • I will have out of pocket medical expenses.

So with so much potentially outside of your control why not take control of the things you can. One thing you can control is that if you ever do suffer a serious medical condition you and/or your family do not have to suffer financially.

Personal insurance such as trauma and income protection can give you relief from any financial stress if you suffer a major medical incident. Yes you’ve got to pay for it but you don’t get anything of value for free. And what price do you put on financial security and looking after yourself and your family?

Controlling your financial situation is up to you. You can either do something about it or you can do nothing and just hope that nothing bad ever happens to you.

Follow the link to learn more about the different types of personal insurance.

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