Do you already have a financial planner? 

How much are you paying them and do you think you are getting value for money?

Are you charged based on a % fee where if the value of your super or investment increases you pay more for the exact same level of service?

As part of their service do they review your personal financial situation and provide updated cash flow and net asset modelling?

Or do you just hear form them once a year when all they talk about is the investment or super fund that they have put you in?

When was the last time you spoke to them?

If this all sounds familiar then you may not be getting the advice and service that you are paying for or should expect.  Our second opinion service gives you the chance to review your current arrangement at no cost or obligation.

Why not take advantage of a service that will help you to ensure you are getting the right advice at the right price?

The attached file outlines the ongoing service we offer to our clients.  It is fixed price and includes a no cost DIY option.

Client Focused Essential Review Service.pdf Client Focused Essential Review Service.pdf
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