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Important information

This information is of a general nature only and is not intended to constitute personal advice. It does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs and, accordingly, you should consider the appropriateness of this information in light of your own circumstances. We recommend that you obtain professional advice before undertaking financial transactions.


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Consilium Advice and your privacy

The privacy of your personal information

  1. Why are we asking so many questions?

We collect your personal information to ensure we are able to provide you with products and services appropriate to your needs.

The financial planning process involves the following steps:

  1. understanding a client’s financial goals
  2. gathering all the details of a client’s financial position
  3. analysing all the issues and options which will form the basis of any recommendations
  4. the adviser providing advice and recommendations, while making all the required disclosures
  5. the client agreeing with the advice and giving the adviser permission to implement all actions required to achieve the client’s financial goals
  6. the adviser and the client agreeing to the level of further review and action required to ensure the advice and recommendations continue to achieve the client’s identified financial goals.

Effective financial planning is the result of carefully gathering the right information to enable a thorough assessment of your financial goals.

This can be achieved by completing or updating a Financial Needs Analysis. A Financial Needs Analysis will help identify what is relevant and assist in prioritising any actions required. We aim to ensure that the personal information we retain about you, is accurate, complete and up to date.

If you provide us with incomplete or inaccurate information, we may not be able to provide you with the products or services you are seeking.

The law also requires us to collect personal information. For example, The Corporations Act 2001 requires us to identify a person’s needs, objectives and financial circumstances to be able to provide advice, and the Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth) requires us to identify all clients and to conduct identity verification checks.

2. Access to your personal information

Subject to permitted exceptions, you can access your personal information at any time by contacting your financial adviser.

  1. Communicating your personal information

At times, we may need to communicate your personal information to other parties, including:

  1. your adviser
  2. external product providers
  3. organisations (bound by strict confidentiality) to whom we outsource certain functions, such as our auditors. In these circumstances, information will only be used for our purposes
  4. other professionals such as solicitors, accountants and stockbrokers when a referral is required
  5. third parties when required by law (eg under a court order)
  6. government departments or agencies such as ASIC or AUSTRAC.

Why do we ask you to complete the Data Collection Form?

The Discovery document relates to your personal and financial objectives, current financial situation, and gives me a picture of your current situation and the type of advice you are seeking. The information we collect will ensure that we have sufficient understanding of your current situation to provide you with financial advice that is appropriate to you. You have the right not to provide us with this information, however, if you do not we may be unable to provide you with personal financial advice.

Your Privacy Rights

Consilium’s commitment to protecting your privacy means that, amongst other things, in the process of collection, storage, accuracy, use and disclosure of your personal information, your privacy is respected.

Consilium is bound by the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act. This policy explains how we treat information that we hold about you. It sets out the types of information we collect, how we may use that information and who we allow to access it. In addition to this policy, we will on occasions provide you with specific notice about how we use particular information that we collect from you.

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